Becoming a Participant

CTGA participants  are called “Investigators” because they evaluate their strengths, share their experiences and learn from one another.   They become more secure as they discover how to plan their future and take control of their lives.    Investigators learn how to build resources and move beyond thinking about making a change to actually doing it. Each participant creates an individualized plan to reach their own goals.

Getting Ahead classes are offered twice a year (mid August-December, and mid January-May) and last 18 weeks, for 3 1/2 hours including a meal before each class.  They are held in locations convenient to participants to minimize transportation obstacles, enable easy networking and support after graduation and link to other neighborhood-building initiatives.  Our spring and fall 2017  classes are being held at the  Family Resources Center in Peoria.

Candidates call 309-677-7696 (menu option 3) to express interest in the program.  You will be then visited by a program team who can tell you more about the location, dates and time of  future workshops as well as program benefits and responsibilities.  It is your choice whether to join.